Big Ben Baked Potato Co.



Our Family

Hello I'm John, I am the owner of Big Ben Baked Potato Co. and  this is my beautiful and awesome family.   Thank you for visiting us!  As the areas first mobile bake potato company,  I  feel obligated  to set the highest standards of quality, service and happiness. Thank  you , without you there would be no us. 


Our Social Mission

    My wife and I, like most parents, do our best to teach our children values that will serve them well throughout their lives.  With just our small back yard garden, we teach our children how to grow and harvest vegetables.  This fun family project is not only packed with fresh healthy food, but also teaches lessons that I am sure will last them a lifetime.  As the Big Ben business grows, so will our investment in feeding people in need as well as educating young people on the power of food sustainability.